DO's & DON'Ts


Arrive 10 minutes prior to class starting for an introduction to your instructor and reformer.

Bring a pair of non-slip grip socks. For sanitary and safety reasons grip socks are required for every class. You can bring your own or purchase them in studio for $18 + tax. Shoes are not allowed on the studio floor or in saunas. You will not be able to take a class without non-slip grip socks.

Bring a small towel and hydration. 50 minutes in a heated class will get your heart rate up and sweat dripping. You can also purchase water and towels at the front desk if you forget them.

Come to class prepared to slip off your shoes, scarf, jacket etc. and get started.

Be late to class. Due to maintaining the privacy and security of the women in our studio the door will lock, and remain locked until class is over.

Book an intermediate class until you have taken at least 3 beginner classes.​

Use cellphones during class. Unplug and unwind during your 50 minutes just for you.

Speak when the instructor is teaching. It's very important to listen to cues and feel your body moving with the appropriate breathing patterns. Speaking during class causes distractions to the instructor and others in the studio.

Always waitlist yourself! Things happen and often very last minute. Make sure you don't miss your chance to get in even if it's full!

Enjoy your session and don't forget to book another!


Do you have changing rooms?
There are no changing rooms. Come prepared with easy slip on/off clothing that can be stored in a cubby.​

Will there be video taping?
Video taping will only be performed by the instructor and with consent of the entire class prior to starting.​

Will I lose my money or class credit if I cancel?
We have a 10 hour cancellation policy at Reform. If you cancel more than 10 hours prior to your class, you will not be charged. If you cancel within 10 hours, members will be charged $20 cancellation fee. Non-members will be charged the full class fee.​

Is the studio private?
Yes. You cannot see into the studio from the outside.​

Are the saunas private?
The saunas have their own private rooms but are shareable by two people.

How long are sauna sessions?
Saunas are booked in 20 minute sessions. If the sauna is not booked after your session, you are welcome to stay longer.