Founder & Owner

I’m Jessica, Founder, Owner and dedicated Pilates and HIIT Instructor with over 6 years in the fitness industry. My journey with fitness began as a personal quest to lead a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally, and quickly evolved into my life's mission to share its benefits with others. Trained in STOTT Pilates methodologies and techniques, I combine traditional principles with functional training that builds strength and endurance to create a more dynamic and challenging workout, and flows from start to finish.

My approach goes beyond fitness. I strive to make connections with everyone that walks through the door because this isn’t just a Pilates studio, it’s home. Our state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with expert guidance, ensures that each session is both effective and enjoyable.

I love a high intensity HIIT class just as much as the slow burn of the foundational Pilates flow. I aim to continue to grow a community of strong women who build each other up in an inviting atmosphere where we can Sweat, Sculpt and Reform together.

Sweat with you soon!

xo Jessica

Certified Pilates Instructor

Hi! I'm Brooke. I'm a STOTT Certified Pilates instructor, weight trainer and body builder. Fitness is the love of my life and i'm glad I get to share it with others. I'm blessed I get to push people to be the best version of themselves everyday. That's my ultimate goal. Look good and feel good!

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Certified Fitness Instructor

I'm Fairuz, certified personal trainer and your HIIT instructor at Reform! Formerly a fifth grade teacher with a Master's Degree in Educational Administration. With 12 years of fitness experience, after having my son, Kareem, I decided it was time to pursue a career in personal training.

My passion lies in high-intensity workouts and strength training. Along with my love for coffee, I'm here to bring energy and laughter to our sessions! I aim to empower women to cultivate confidence and inner strength. I can't wait to train with you!

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Certified Pilates Instructor

I'm Lina, a laser technician by day and Certified Pilates Instructor by night. I've been in the beauty industry for many years now and making women feel and look good is what I love to do best. I aim to bring high energy, challenging classes to push you to be the best version of yourself.

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Certified Pilates Instructor

I'm Julia! I'm certified in and have been teaching Pilates for over a year.

When I discovered Pilates on the reformer, it was nothing serious. I just wanted to find a new and different type of movement and workout. This discovery quickly became a full blow addiction. That's when I decided to pursue instruction. Since then I haven't stopped. There's absolutely no other feeling like being on the reformer. I love creating fun energetic and challenging classes for my clients.

When I'm not at the studio you can find me selling real estate, walking my dog, trying a new restaurant or planning my next class.

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