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Reform Infrared
We’ve combined the elements of Pilates and Infrared heat to give you the ultimate boost in your performance results.

With the use of high quality reformer beds, two infrared sauna rooms and guidance from certified instructors, regardless of any age, body shape or practice level you can become stronger both mentally and physically through the movement of Pilates. From detoxification, recovery, pain relief and weight loss to anti-aging and increased balance and flexibility, Reform Infrared Pilates will have your heart pumping, sweat dripping and leave you feeling better than when you walked in the door.

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Increase flexibility, balance and core strength with an introduction to the fundamentals of Pilates. This class is perfect for those starting their Pilates journey, returning after time off or just want a slower-paced class. Suitable for all levels..


Reformer Pilates for those who know their way around the reformer and want to take their skills to the next level. Expect props, weights and a challenging 50 minutes under the infrared. This class is designed for you to progress, strengthen and improve. Not suitable for beginners.


Burn more calories with our signature, full body 50 minute high intensity interval training class. Expect high energy, cardio intervals and muscle burnouts infused with mat Pilates. Class is performed on the mat. Suitable for all levels.

What an amazing space. I’m so grateful for this studio. I feel welcome, safe and I get an amazing workout. I feel supported and guided by all the wonderful instructors. Jessica, you’ve curated an amazing place for us in Dearborn. I don’t know what I’d do without Reform Pilates!


Reform isn't just a Pilates gym... it's an experience. I have been doing Pilates for years and can honestly say nothing beats these classes. The instructors are so friendly and motivating, they're constantly switching things up to keep it new and exciting.


This place is slowly becoming my addiction! The instructor challenges you and switches it up every time so you get a super effective workout! I've noticed such an improvement with strength and post-injury mobility. Absolutely my favorite Pilates class I've ever done and the place is so cute!


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